The Ultimate Commercial Digital Pool Water Tester

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Replace paper logbooks with the Pool Shark H2O Digital Pool Water Testing App:

Simplify Pool Maintenance

Stay compliant with health department regulations while shortening the time needed for a water chemical test. Dosage calculations are done for your team, minimizing mistakes. 60 Seconds and you're done!

Keep Your Staff Accountable

Pool logs are kept securely in the cloud, a dashboard and alerts system keeps the status of all pools available to audit at all times. The app geo-location alerts ensures the tester was at the pool.

Reduce Costs

Many pools are either over or under-treated with chemicals. Over-treating wastes costly chemicals. Under-treating leads to chemical imbalances that can be expensive to fix and potentially cause unhealthy swimming conditions.

Help Limit Liability

If your pool team is guessing, you’re spending more than you need to and increasing your liability. Digital pool logs that are locked and stamped with the date and time provide better records in case of an incident.

This commercial digital pool water system is compliant with health department regulations, including  Florida Administrative Code 64E-9, L1 test device requirements.

Commercial and public pool operators must meet their local health regulations which are often based on the MAHC (the Model Aquatic Health Code). Not meeting these codes can have significant health implications for swimmers and staff.

Over 25,000,000 Tests Recorded and Counting!

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Upgrade the App with the LaMotte Spin Touch Digital Pool Tester

A standard commercial pool test kit requires training and careful use to deliver consistently accurate results. Individuals testing pool water need to use different drops or powders to perform what amount to little chemistry experiments. 

The LaMotte Spin Touch simplifies this testing, eliminating mistakes and inaccuracies that can lead to improper pool dosing. The device uses prefilled reagent cartridges with the exact amount required to run chemical tests.

In one test, you just fill a disc with 3 ml of water, insert the disc into the spin touch, and up to ten tests are done in 60 seconds. No commercial pool testing solution is faster, or more accurate.

The LaMotte Spin Touch is NSF/ANSI standard 50 L1 certified per pending Florida Regulations and received the highest rating so you can be sure your results are correct.  

The LaMotte Spin Touch is seamlessly integrated with the PoolShark H2O App. This means that all tests are recorded in accordance with health department regulations and all calculations are done for you, ensuring clean, clear, and safe water with no wasted expensive chemicals. 

Already have a Spin Touch? No worries, just use the app to make your pool testing and chemical maintenance even easier and faster!

The PoolShark H2O Integrated  Commercial Digital Pool Water Testing System Consists of:

The PoolShark H2O App
LaMotte Spin Touch Commercial Digital Pool Water Tester
Multiple Pool Management Dashboard

The Pool Shark H2O app keeps all the information, for all your pools, in one place and is available 24/7 from anywhere.

It replaces paper pool logs which can be lost or destroyed and must be kept available on-site for multiple years.

Unlike paper logs, the Pool Shark H2O app does all the math dosage calculations and water analysis for you, and alerts staff and managers when pools need attention.

A dashboard lets senior leadership have complete visibility across all of the pools that you manage.

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Give your staff the tools they need to keep water safe for bathers.

Find a time below with one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts and save money on your pool operations with the Digital Pool Water Testing Package including:

  • 1 LaMotte Mobile WaterLink SpinTouch handheld device
  • 1 box of 100 disks - Series 203
  • 1 year Pool Shark H2O App Subscription (1 body of water)

all for $1,699


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